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Welcome to NorthStar Production Studios, LLC.
Our Orlando, Florida team is devoted since 2008 to spreading spiritual values through Christian Media.
Our mission statement is to spread spiritual values through publishing Christian books; doing Presentations/Lectures; using Social Media and media in the form of Video (YouTube) and Feature Film. (Our current lecture/presentation is "The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin: The Case for Authenticity (see LECTURE SCHEDULE).
NorthStar is currently focused on getting our mystery/thriller script "The Shroud Conspiracy" to the big screen as a feature film in 2015 (see FILM PAGE for more details)



We have also spent many years writing about and presenting lectures to Churches of all denominations around the USA, Canada and Rome on the authenticity of the  Holy Shroud as the burial cloth of Jesus reflecting the details of His passion, death and resurrection (see SHROUD INFO PAGE).
If you wish to contact us, please go to the CONTACT US page for questions or comments. Thank you!
Photo Left:    Shroud as seen with naked eye.
Photo Right: Shroud when photographed. A positive image on a negative plate. The actual Shroud is a perfect
                     photograph negative (left and right/dark and light are reversed)
                     (Photo by Barrie Schwortz - Official Shroud Photographer STURP).

Christ Pantocrator - modeled on the Shroud. This depicition is from the 7th Century Catacomb of St. Pontianus in Rome. (See Shroud History page for more images of Jesus in early art modeled on the Holy Shroud).
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